When Will Your Replacement Seat Post Ship?


According to an email sent out by Peloton to affected customers, it’s separating customers into three groups. The first group and the set of customers who will receive the new seat first are riders who weigh more than 250 pounds and Peloton members who are taller than 5’10” without a weight listed. The second group consists of users who do not have any height or weight information listed. And the last group is comprised of all other users.

Peloton notes that the first group is being prioritized and will receive the fix no later than June 2nd. After that date passes, the remaining customers can check on updated delivery dates through their Peloton order history page.

The company notes that the parts are delayed due to the high volume of orders. It’s not exactly an everyday occurrence that you have to recall and fix 2.2 million exercise bikes all at once. 

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