WhatsApp Now Lets You Lock Chats Behind Passwords Or Biometrics


In its current form, the Chat Lock feature has a limited feature set that should get the job done for most people. However, Meta has made it clear that they plan to introduce new features and options in the future. A major issue with the system in its current form is that the password for unlocking locked chats is the same as the smartphone password. This opens up the possibility of friends or family members reading these chats anyway since they may be aware of your password.

Meta is working on a solution and has confirmed that users will soon be able to set custom passwords for WhatsApp Chat Lock. In addition to this issue, WhatsApp also plans to bring the ability to lock individual chats on companion devices. Interestingly, while WhatsApp hasn’t listed the steps to enable this feature, from the embedded video, it seems as though the Chat Lock feature would appear as an option within the “View contact” section of individual chats. In the case of groups, the option should appear within the “Group Info” section. Note that there is no separate toggle within WhatsApp Settings to enable the feature. Additionally, if you are using the same WhatsApp number on multiple phones, the lock chat feature needs to be enabled on each of those devices separately, 

It is unclear at this time how long it would take for Meta to complete the rollout of Chat Lock to all of WhatsApp’s 2 billion-plus users.

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