WhatsApp Now Lets You Edit Messages (But You Have To Be Quick)


Once the feature is enabled for users, they can long press a sent message, select the “Edit” option from the menu, and make necessary changes. After editing, users can choose to either save the updated version or discard the changes. In case users do not see the option to edit a sent message, the feature may not have been enabled for you yet since the rollout is still in progress. While there is no denying that most WhatsApp users will welcome the ability to edit sent messages, there are some limitations to the feature.

To begin with, users have only 15 minutes to edit a message once they’re sent. They cannot, for example, go back and edit a message they sent several hours or weeks ago. Also pertinent to note is the fact that all edited messages will have an “Edited” tag attached to them to let recipients know. However, recipients will not be able to see the specifics of the changes made to the message. Meta has also confirmed that WhatsApp’s edited messages — like other chats on the platform — are protected by end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp’s edit message feature is still rolling out for users across the globe, with the company expecting the rollout to complete in the “coming weeks.”

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