What We Know About Sinclair’s IRIS eTrike


The IRIS has certain advantages over other eBikes including its ancestor, and many of those come from its bodywork. As Sinclair points out, “people still seem put off cycling in poor weather.” Risk, or at least perceived risk, is also an issue. Like all cyclists, people on eBikes are amongst the most vulnerable road users. This issue was exacerbated on things like the Sinclair C5, which was open-topped and positioned its rider close to the road surface. The built-in HEPA filter is also a bonus, at least while ICE cars are still on the road. Riders won’t have to worry about sitting in clouds of exhaust fumes as the air within the IRIS should stay quite clear.

Unlike its predecessor, the IRIS’ rider is totally encased in a thick and durable, yet light, foam body. This design protects them from the elements, and other road users. Sinclair explains: “The EPP foam body was inspired by RC helicopter design as a small RC toy I crashed several times amazingly had no damage at all to its internal components, especially its fragile Lipo battery and motors.” So IRIS riders are sheltered from the weather and have a good amount of protective material between themselves and the cars that they’re sharing the road with. The rider’s position has also been lifted, “so IRIS riders did not feel intimidated riding in traffic and field of vision was improved.”

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