What Is The North American Charging Standard, And Did Tesla Invent It?


Despite being named the “North American Charging Standard,” NACS is far from the most common port in North America. As things stand, only Tesla really uses it. Musk’s company invented the charger for use in its vehicles, and true to form, claims it is both significantly smaller and more powerful than the CCS system almost all other North American EV uses. 

If you’re using a Tesla Supercharger in the U.S., Mexico, or Canada, you’ll either need a car with a NACS charging port, or an adapter. If you’re using a charging station outside of Tesla’s network, it’s likely to be using CCS.

However, Tesla seems to have a significant interest in its system becoming the most popular option, and decided to make it “open source” late last year. Now, other manufacturers have access to the design and can fit it to their vehicles for free. Ford has already offered to fit NACS ports to its next generation of electric vehicles. So while the system’s name seems a bit presumptuous, there’s a decent chance it will be quite fitting in a few years’ time.

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