This Premium Smartwatch Has A Trick Up Its Sleeve


Overall, this is the best smartwatch Mobvoi has made and it certainly checks a lot of boxes. If you’re willing to deal with the LED second screen being your primary source of information, you will easily get four days out of this watch, which is pretty great by “true smartwatch” standards. The fact that this watch is built rugged and outdoorsy is a bonus. Not only is this watch attractive, but it is tough as nails.

The second screen is going to be the X-factor as to whether or not you should buy this watch. If you’re willing to adopt it in order to get long battery life, or if you’re willing to accept the compromise of much shorter battery life, then this is one of the best Wear OS watches that you can buy. But it comes with a premium price tag of $349, which is about right for a premium smartwatch. That price compares favorably to the Pixel Watch, Apple Watch Series 8, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. But none of those watches last three days, let alone four. If you want a smartwatch with the functionality of a Pixel Watch and the battery life of a Garmin SQ 2, this is a great option.

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