This Is The AI Future Of Google Search


During the demonstration, Edwards highlighted how the search function has been expanded by implementing features more closely associated with the likes of Bard or ChatGPT. This includes things like generating names for a cycling club, or write a social media post about the $4,000 e-bike Google has just sold you. 

If you want to test yourself, it can generate a brief multiple-choice quiz for you, and tell you how many questions you got correct once you submit the answers. Presumably, it can also present the results in a fun way, like in the form of a haiku.

Beyond shopping, it is also helpful for finding out facts and other bits of information. During a live demonstration, it was asked why whales liked to sing: what followed was a set of bullet points explaining some of the reasons the aquatic mammals belt out a tune, followed by some helpful web links. A follow-up question was asked, and the AI pointed out some Californian whale-watching locations. 

Users can apparently go off on tangents and then scroll back to previous answers to continue the conversation from there. There isn’t a set date for a full release of the AI search enhancements, but the search function will be rolling out on Google’s test labs in the coming weeks. Users can sign up now to get on the wait list if they would like to try the new search functions out during the experimental phase.

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