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As convention season starts up again, people across the country are preparing for the major American game shows: Gen Con, all flavors of Pax, and even smaller cons like Big Bad Con and Gamehole Con are open to registration. Sure everyone is distracted by galaxies far, far away and the edge of Hyrule’s map, but board games haven’t gone out of style. It’s going to be a good year, everybody stay safe out there!

Featured Game: Citizen Sleeper

An absolutely incredible-looking project, Citizen Sleeper: Design Works is an ambitious anniversary box set that reissues the 2022 video game with a detailed art book, a vinyl, bookmarks, tarot cards, and—more to our interests—a solo TTRPG. Citizen Sleeper was a highly lauded release in 2022 and won awards over the course of the year; it has art by Guillaume Singelin and a soundtrack (yes, a soundtrack!) composed by Amos Roddy.

Lost in Cult creates these kinds of exclusive boxes all the time, and Citizen Sleeper is such a good pick for a full-on merch plus additional products reissue that I cannot help but love every part of it. The game takes place “in the lawless reaches of a far-flung space station on the edge of interplanetary capitalism.” It will include not only the game but extra adventures—like a solo TTRPG, Cycles of the Eye, created by Gareth Damian Martin in collaboration with designer Alfred Valley, that pulls you into the universe of Citizen Sleeper.

You can buy the TTRPG individually, but it’s only available only during this limited funding campaign. If you’re a fan, now’s the time to jump on it.

New Releases: Thirty Foes, Water Edge, Let’s Jam!

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Thirty Foes (OR Once again, we are defeated) is a storytelling/map-making game inspired by Seven Samurai. Within a space fantasy western setting you tell the tale of brave Godslingers, cosmic cowboys with divine firepower, attempting to defend a village from the 30-strong bandit army that is approaching.

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Water Edge is a TTRPG about fighting against pollution and saving the ocean. Players play as a fish that has scavenged a blade from the sea floor and set out on a quest to destroy the Garbage Beasts. However, being a warrior fish isn’t easy, as the blades you’re using were not designed for you, making keeping hold of them a constant challenge.

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Let’s Jam! is a condensed solo/co-op role-playing game of bounty hunting in a harsh space world. It is a game of exploration, discovery, and challenges inspired by Cowboy Bebop and Star Wars. Players take on the role of a sole bounty hunter who’s hunting many kinds of people for just enough money to keep flying.

Crowdfunding: Vagabond, Fablecraft, Legendary Games, Dead Cells, Koboa, Limitless Champions Figures

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Vagabond is a “lean-and-mean” tabletop roleplaying game, laser-focused on practical play with a modern TTRPG feel. Drawing inspiration from medieval romance, dungeon synth, and the litany of dungeon crawlers to come before it, Vagabond is a hybrid tabletop roleplaying game that blends old school utility with modern TTRPG character expression and sensibilities.

Fablecraft is a digital tabletop roleplaying game built into, and exclusive to, a virtual tabletop application. Roll dice and wield magic in the vibrant world of Mythas, a mix of an RPG and video game. Party members play Mages—the superheroes of Mythas—who find they can wield magic better than most. Step-by-step character creation is quick and seamless, so you can dive straight into the story, and evolve your character as you play.

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These are two new, officially licensed Adventure Paths set in the worlds of Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim; they’re compatible with Everyday Heroes, Evil Genius Games’ unique RPG system.

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Dead Cells: The Board Game is a cooperative rogue-lite experience inspired by the Metroidvania genre. Explore the ever-changing island of Dead Cells in this ruthless dungeon crawler. Explore. Kill. Die. Mutate. Repeat.

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Koboa is a 150+ page book containing everything you need for your adventure in 5e, Pathfinder 2e, or Kobold Press’ Core Fantasy Roleplaying (Project Black Flag). The setting book contains extensive worldbuilding that will create fun, engaging adventures for players from all over the world in a setting based on South American stories, along with numerous player options including subclasses, magic items, spells, feats, and the innovative new mechanic of Forms.

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Limitless Champions will make history as the largest, most diverse collection of disabled fantasy game miniatures ever created, and the collection will include tips to help you include these characters and others like them accurately and respectfully in your game.

In Other News

  • Possible World Games’ Adventure Hooks is back in print after its initial run five years ago.
  • Rowan, Rook & Decard (DIE, Spire, Heart) have announced a new vampire RPG set in the 1940s, Eat the Reich.
  • Critical Role has announced its new campaign, Candela Obscura, using a totally new system and RPG written for Darrington Press.
  • Realm Architect, an easy-to-use immersive worldbuilding VTT, is currently crowdfunding.
  • Warzone Eternal, an officially licensed skirmish miniatures game set in the techno-fantasy Mutant Chronicles universe, is currently crowdfunding.
  • The Moonshot Podcast Network is hosting its first major charity event of 2023 this May—and it’s a party on the moon. The Moon Carnival, a three-day stream event benefiting Trans Lifeline, will happen May 26-28 at
  • Aaron Miller—one of the artists that worked on the D&D Players’ Handbook for fifth edition—is crowdfunding reference cards for your favorite 5E spells: Wild Shape, Find Familiar, Find Steed, and Conjure Animals and Elementals, and more.

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