The Coolest Google Pixel Tablet Features, Ranked


Unless you’ve spent the last few months in a deep, dark cave with exceptionally poor Wi-Fi, you’ll have noticed that Google is pretty excited about AI and how it’s going to change the world. One area where Google’s AI is making a difference is in its photo editing tools. While you will be able to access and use those tools on a number of Google’s devices, if you’re serious about tinkering with your photos then the Pixel Tablet is probably your best choice. Its large display, reasonably broad color palette, and touchscreen interface make it a great choice for photo editing tasks.

As it’s a Pixel device, it’s also a fantastic way to get access to these tools for free — though a basic Google One membership doesn’t exactly break the bank at $2 per month. Still, owners of any Pixel devices get access to things like Magic Eraser and the new Magic Editor at no cost for an indefinite period. This on its own isn’t a reason to spend over $500 on a tablet, but it is a nice bonus. 

The new Magic Editor tool can remove awkward objects, like a bag someone is wearing, from a photograph. It can also do neat things like move the subjects of that photograph around, make the sky look nicer, and change the colors, lighting, and tone of the rest of the photo to reflect any changes you’ve made to the weather.

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