The Best Ways To Prevent Your Smart Home Locks From Being Hacked


Smart home locks are one of the main entry points into people’s digital and physical lives. They are a pathway to homes and a gateway to personal data. While they offer incredible convenience, it’s crucial to remember that these devices, like any others connected to the internet, can become targets for nefarious individuals or groups.

Cybercriminals and their cohorts are making a living finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in internet-connected devices. Smart home locks are no exception. With the right skills and knowledge of Wi-Fi encryption, these bad actors can hack into these locks, posing serious security threats. This process could allow individuals to get into your home or view and download your personal information, depending on the data your lock stores and transmits.

The threat isn’t merely theoretical. There have been instances of bad actors hacking locks in controlled security tests and real-world scenarios. These breaches can lead to significant violations of privacy and safety. For example, in 2016 and 2017, hackers subjected an Austrian hotel to a ransomware attack. This situation impacted guests’ access to their rooms, and the hotel ended up paying to regain access to their system.

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