The best GPS trackers and devices for kids in 2023


Verizon Gizmo Watch Disney Edition specs: Price: $200 | Battery life: Up to three days (standby) or 1.5 days constant use  | Real-time tracking: Yes | Monthly cost: $10 | Connectivity: GPS, Cellular 

Verizon’s GizmoWatch has been around for years. For my test, I received the Disney version of the GizmoWatch, and it has more features than the Verizon GizmoWatch 2 (it also costs $100 more). This watch features animated characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars, creating an interactive user experience. Characters react in lively ways on the home screen when checking the weather and when notifications come in. 

“We bought the Verizon GizmoWatch about two years ago for our kiddos, then ages 6 and 8,” Kendra Paulson, Assistant Editor at New England With Love, told ZDNET. “We live on a military base and while it is pretty safe here, we wanted to have a way to communicate with our girls while they were out riding bikes and playing in the neighborhood. I can glance at the Gizmo map and see where my kids are and we can text and call back and forth, so it’s like having a starter phone that straps to their wrist.”

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Paulson continued: “I imagine we will reevaluate GPS tracking as our kids get into their teen years and are looking for more privacy in their lives, but the tech is here and available for the younger crowd that still requires closer supervision, so why wouldn’t we use tools that help us stay connected as they practice their independence?”

The watch has a lot of the same features as T-mobile’s SyncUp Kids watch. That is, you can send and receive messages, take calls, and it even has a built-in camera. You can add up to 10 trusted contacts for your child to communicate with while wearing the watch. 

You’ll also get real-time tracking and geofence support, so you can receive alerts when your child leaves or arrives at a certain location. 

Just like the SyncUp Kids watch, you can create tasks for your child, set up school mode to keep them from using the watch at school, and more. 

Keep in mind that both GizmoWatch models have a one-time $35 activation fee from Verizon.

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