The best Google Pixel Fold cases available to buy now


Google Pixel Fold case features: Colors: Obsidian, Hazel, and Bay | Material: Polycarbonate, silicone, and microfiber

To accompany the phone itself, Google has manufactured its own 34.3-gram case in sleek, black with green undertones. Google calls Hazel that a pretty close to perfect compliment to the Obsidian phone. Additionally, there’s Porcelain, subtle beige which when paired with the Porcelain phone gives a minimalist, monochromatic aesthetic. Finally, there’s a beautiful baby blue which Google has named Sky that adds a pop of color to any model. 

The case lines both screens and still allows for flexibility as the phone folds in and out. Perfectly fit to protect the phone’s more square, defined borders and vertical hinge, the case is durable to protect against those clumsy moments where gravity wins. Lined with microfiber on the inside, the case is ready to absorb shock, but is still soft and slim to the touch with a silicone and polycarbonate shell. Additionally, the case’s opening along the phone’s hinge hints at compatibility with both sides of the phone. 

While you may have to wait for the phone, these cases are available starting Wednesday, May 10 for $60. 

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