The 5 Best Chevy Camaros Ever Made, Ranked


The final installment in the quest to find the best Camaros ever built lands on the 1968 Z/28 model. The build wasn’t a special order or custom construction, making it a typical sight at a Chevrolet dealership rather than a unicorn that had to be chased down. The vehicle was powered by Chevy’s 5.0L V8 with a displacement measuring 302 cubic inches. The V8 produced 350 brake horsepower and 320 ft-lb of torque and could reach a top speed of 132 miles per hour. 

In 1968, Chevrolet produced 7,199 Camaro Z/28s, making them a limited species, to be sure, but nowhere near as rare (and therefore hard to restore or maintain today) as some other specialty Camaros that the company built over the years. The Z/28 was initially destined to become a pure racer, but the powers that be eventually decided to release it for public consumption, sharing the riches with the world.

Z/28s are some of the most dominant Camaros that ever raced, and the 1968 examples truly brought Chevy’s racing prowess to a new level of achievement. It’s perhaps this vehicle that put the Camaro on the map for the average driver looking to purchase something with a little more punch and excitement while out on the road. This history gives the 1968 Z/28 the edge as the best Camaro to wear the Chevy emblem.

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