Super Mario Bros. Movie Digital Release Slated For This Week


In a recent quarterly earnings call for Nintendo, company President Shuntaro Furukawa expressed pride at the movie’s success. “In terms of the impact on our business, in the short term, the revenues from the box office and secondary uses of the movie will be reported as sales in the current fiscal year (ending March 2024),” he said.

“In the long term, we think this will become a powerful touch point, turning people who have never really played games before into fans of Mario and Nintendo, and renewing the interest of people who used to play (on a Nintendo game platform) but are taking a break.”

Following the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Nintendo will be investing more heavily in non-video game entertainment formats going forward. “We plan to pour our efforts into a variety of visual content, as we did last year with the consolidation of Nintendo Pictures Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary,” Furukawa said during the quarterly earnings call. “We are very happy that this movie is a hit, but will remain focused on carefully developing and further expanding each IP while respecting its unique characteristics, just as we have done in the past.

“Through our strategy of expanding the number of people who have access to Nintendo IP, we want to bring people in contact with our characters and the worlds depicted in our games, with the goal of continually invigorating our core dedicated video game platform business.”

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