Stylish (and Eco-Friendly) Solutions to Workstation Comfort & Focus


The dedicated remote works fine but, with more and more desk lighting solutions becoming “smart,” the Illum would be even more intuitive if it had HomeKit-like compatibility (even if by a third party app). Additionally, select desks, especially those with unique rear designs (raised compartments or thick cable management trays) that could prevent a clean contact between the desktop and mounting clamp, may require custom fixtures but the vast majority of workstations should have no problem with the otherwise effortless setup. The Illum is a great addition to Fluidstance’s lineup and delivers crisp and clear lighting but, unlike the company’s other products, users will need to ensure their setup is compatible with the Illum’s current design constraints.

Fluidstance has carved out a unique space in the market – with innovative products and fresh takes on tried-and-true desk accessories. Buyers will pay a little bit more but each item in the lineup is designed for reusability (further reducing environmental impact) and built to last (with premium albeit eco-friendly materials), providing exceptional value for the added investment. Nevertheless, the Fluidstance lineup makes good on its central promise of improving work life via clever solutions that promote, above all else, mental and physical wellbeing. Any of their products are a great addition to a professional workstation – regardless of whether the user is remote, hybrid, or in-office.

For more information, check out SlashGear was provided with a Level balance board and a selection of accessories for the purpose of this feature.

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