Sony’s Project Q PlayStation 5 Handheld May Launch In November


As we learned yesterday, Project Q is unlike a Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, or even Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld — it doesn’t have the power to run its own games. The handheld has an 8-inch HD display on which you can stream games over Wi-Fi. It’ll likely resemble Remote Play, an existing PlayStation feature that allows you to stream your console games to smartphones and PCs.

That begs the question: What differentiates Project Q from other devices that you can already play games remotely on? The most obvious answer is the DualSense control scheme sandwiching the display, which essentially offers the same experience as the PS5, adaptive triggers included. Similar devices can hold your smartphone, but they can’t offer the same depth as Sony’s native hardware.

Project Q’s Batarang-esque shape will make it an awkward everyday carry compared to your smartphone and a collapsible cradle, especially if you can’t detach the controllers. Whether there’s a healthy market for something like this remains to be seen.

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