Sony Reveals Project Q Streaming Device, PlayStation Earbuds


Project Q wasn’t the only piece of hardware that was revealed during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase. The company also unveiled a pair of wireless earbuds which it claims bring “next-generation audio immersion” to the console and PC. In terms of appearance, the white and black audio devices are on the smaller side and appear to match the styling of the console itself. They also store away in a case, which matches the styling and presumably charges the earbuds themselves. 

The earbuds will “deliver lossless audio with low latency,” according to the company, and can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. It isn’t yet known if the lossless audio and low latency parts come through an advanced Bluetooth connection, a part already built into the PS5 console, or via an included dongle. Other details that have yet to be unveiled include things like price and battery life. As with Project Q, Sony claims it will tell us more about the upcoming earbuds in the near future.

While Project Q was one of the more exciting announcements from this year’s PlayStation Showcase, and a lot of details on the device are yet to emerge, some fans may be disappointed. Streaming handhelds certainly have their uses, but it may not have been the portable PlayStation many fans were wishing for.

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