Some Jeep Cherokee Models Recalled Over Fire Risk, Owners Encouraged To Park Outside


As of now, the fix for the issue is still being developed. At best, the power lift gate may just stop working if the module shorts, butat worst, it can catch on fire. Stellantis is being serious with the recommendations to park your Cherokee outside until the fix arrives. As with all recalls, the fix (when it becomes available) is on the automaker’s dime. Stellantis will refund affected owners for the cost of getting the PLGM fixed, according to the NHTSA safety report. 

Safety recalls are an unfortunate yet common part of vehicle ownership, and everything from Honda, to Porsche, and Tesla have been the subject of a recall. If you think that your vehicle may be affected by a recall, or you are just curious, you can always enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) into the NHTSA’s website to check. There are laws in place that protect you as a customer when a vehicle is recalled.

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