Save 50% on a Dashlane Password Manager Subscription This Memorial Day Weekend


Online security has never been more important but it can be hard to maintain strong, unique passwords for every website you log into without a way to store them. Instead of writing them down, having to reset your password each time you try log in or, worse, compromising on safety by using the same password everywhere, it’s worth upgrading your setup to include a password manager

And with Dashlane’s current 50% off sale now live ahead of Memorial Day weekend, you can upgrade your online security with $20 off its annual Premium plan. Down to just $20 with code MEMDAY23, it’s the equivalent of paying just $1.67 a month — but the deal expires May 30.

Dashlane’s service isn’t super expensive even at its full price of $40 for the year (or $6.49 monthly) but saving half certainly reduces the barrier to entry. The plan will renew at its regular annual price after your first year is up unless canceled. 

A password manager like Dashlane allows you store all of your login credentials in one secure and encrypted vault. You can also use it to save important info like payment information, IDs, notes and more. Your passwords and other secure info can then be accessed across all of your devices with apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and the web. 

Dashlane can even help you generate stronger passwords and autofill them when you go to log in so you don’t have to worry about remembering them. Dark Web Monitoring is included with the Premium plan so you’ll be alerted if one of your passwords has been breached and you’ll be given steps to fix it. Another neat feature of this top-tier individual plan include a VPN for secure web browsing. 

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