Samsung Display Unveils Wild Rollable, Foldable OLED Concepts


Perhaps most impressive among Samsung’s showings is Flex In & Out, named so because it’s the first OLED panel that can flex in either direction. The tech potentially negates the need to include a secondary display on foldable devices like the Galaxy Fold.

Imagine folding it completely shut to protect the display when not in use, opening it like a book to use in tablet mode, and then folding it in reverse to use it as a traditional candy bar phone with the added benefit of a two-sided display. Samsung says it could contribute to lighter and thinner foldables.

If that’s not enough, Samsung wants to combine its foldable and slidable displays in a new concept called “Flex Hybrid” to create devices that bend to your every will and whim. These are truly game-changing technologies, and it’s safe to say smartphone design may be revitalized after years of industry-wide stagnation.

It’s truly wondrous stuff, but with no word on planned commercial projects, the timeline for seeing these displays deployed in actual products is its own mystery. We’re keeping a hawk’s eye on Samsung to know exactly when it’ll usher in these digital contortionists.

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