Ryzen 7000 Goes Toe-To-Toe With M2 MacBook Air


One of the key reasons that shoppers stick to Apple’s ecosystem is the seamless cross-device connectivity that it offers. From the ability to check messages and attend calls right on your Mac to the convenience of AirDrop and Universal Clipboard, there are a handful of practical benefits that keep users loyal to the Mac ecosystem. But that gulf has lately started to narrow for Windows loyalists.

Windows 11 offers a clipboard sync history feature that lets you copy-paste content between your Android Phone and PC, provided you have SwiftKey keyboard installed on the phone and are logged in on both devices using the same Microsoft account. To counter AirDrop, Windows 11 offers the Nearby Share facility, which lets you wirelessly transfer files between an Android and Windows machine.


Microsoft recently made the feature widely available globally after beta testing for an extended period. Notably, the Phone Link app was also made widely available for all iOS users globally. This allows users to access their iPhone calls, photos (via cloud integration), messages, and contacts right on their Windows PC.

In fact, Windows 11 even goes a step ahead and lets you run Android apps on your PC, thanks to an integration called Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA). For now, app support is limited to distribution via Amazon’s catalog of Android apps. But if you have a Samsung phone, you can use the Smart View mirroring feature to put your phone’s Android UI on a Windows PC. It works amazingly well, and it’s a perk that you won’t get on Apple’s side of the ecosystem.

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