Premium ANC Earbuds With A Price To Match


The Technics earbuds are designed to go into your ear and ear canal, which makes the fit very important. Not everyone will like how these earbuds sit — it will largely depend on the shape of your ear. Personally, they fit into my ears wonderfully, as if they were purposefully molded for my ears. This obviously won’t be the case for everyone.

The earbuds come with seven different ear tips so that you can find just the right fit inside your ear canal. That’s step one in the defense against outside noise. Once you have a great fit, the noise you can hear from outside is lessened considerably, so have patience and find the right ear tips; it’s worth the time investment.

The buds reside in a battery case that is not the smallest we’ve ever tested, but it’s not super bulky either. The buds slip into their spots and attach securely magnetically. The earbuds each hold a charge of about seven hours, which is impressive considering how small they are. The case holds juice for another 24 hours. All of these estimates are provided by Technics, but they seem consistent with our testing, though we will update this article if we find that not to be the case long term.

The case supports either wired USB-C charging or Qi charging which is a nice bonus.

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