One Of The Rarest Production Lamborghinis Of The 1980s Is Up For Auction


Cars & Bids says that this car specifically was imported into New York in 1988 and shifted between the United States and Europe until the present day. During its life, it was serviced a number of times and was fitted with an aftermarket exhaust and European-style bumpers. According to its odometer, it’s only been driven around 10,800 miles over its nearly 35-year-long life. As of the afternoon of May 16, bidding was up to $255,000 with six days left at auction. There is absolutely no doubt the final price will be several times that.

If you’re flush with cash after selling your private island or private jet collection, this auction might be your chance to grab one of the most exclusive cars ever from an already exclusive brand. Hopefully whoever ends up buying the Countach drives it and enjoys the fruits of Lamborghini engineers’ labor. It would be a travesty for it to be cooped up in a private garage for eternity only to be auctioned off again in a few years.

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