New Google Home App Features That Will Change The Way You Use Your Smart Devices


Tech becomes obsolete quite quickly these days, and companies are quick to write things off rather than spend time integrating them with newer software. In light of that, Google’s extension of support to original Nest cameras may come as a bit of a surprise. From July, the first generation Nest Cam Indoor will work with the Google Home app. This support will be extended to the outdoor version of the original Nest Cam shortly afterward. 

Cameras in general are receiving a lot of love in this latest update. Google estimates viewing your live feed will be 38% faster, and accessing old clips will be 29% faster on the new version of the Home app. When you access those clips, you may notice they are easier to look through. Scrubbing has been improved and is now more precise, while event labels are now categorized by type. These labels include things like vehicles, animals, and people.

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