Modern Security In A Fully Connected Setup


There are a number of products for tailoring the Vivint system to your home, but some of the core ones offered are a smart thermostat, video doorbell, control panel, and secondary panel for easy disarming from a bedroom or back door. The touch screen control panel shares similar capability to the mobile app with a few small differences — for example, arming from the mobile app is instantaneous while arming from the control panel gives you a 60-second delay to get out the door. 

The important system functions like rebooting and adding users can also be initiated from the control panel, which can either mount to the wall or be adapted with a counter stand. My system’s secondary panel, which is just a screenless keypad for disarming and contacting emergency services, was super convenient by the back door. Vivint’s doorbell camera works exceptionally well, especially at night. Faces in the doorbell camera were impressively clear both at night and during the day (I had the video quality set to medium, out of lowest, low, medium, high, and highest). 

The smart thermostat is very similar to that from other brands; it can be remotely controlled from the app, detect humidity and control a humidifier if applicable, and be set to schedules based on your work, travel, or sleep routines. 

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