Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Includes More Games Than Originally Revealed


Konami is branding this as a “Volume 1” release, which leaves the door open for another “Metal Gear” collection. Presumably, that follow-up would include the PS3 original “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots,” which never saw release on another console. We could also get a remastered “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” which originally launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One following a short prologue titled “Ground Zeroes.”

There are other games Konami could use to pad that collection out. “Peace Walker” was Konami’s first attempt at putting a traditional “Metal Gear Solid” game on the PlayStation Portable. “Metal Gear Rising” continued Raiden’s story, experimenting with new hack-and-slash gameplay to highlight his unique cybernetic abilities instead of the traditional stealth action gameplay.

“Metal Gear Acid” and “Metal Gear Acid 2” were PSP titles that offered a unique gameplay twist for the series. They combined turn-based movement and combat with a card system that limited the actions you could take during any given phase. We wouldn’t bet on it, but “Metal Gear Online,” the first multiplayer experience in the series, will be in high demand for a re-release/remaster as well.

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