Marvel Studios Alum Chiwetel Ejiofor Joins Tom Hardy in Venom 3


Image: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

In another multiverse switcheroo, Chiwetel Ejiofor has been cast in Sony Pictures’ upcoming Venom sequel, which totally won’t be confusing at all as the Doctor Strange actor hops from the MCU to the live-action Spider-Man Universe.

The Tom Hardy-led franchise recently added Juno Temple (Ted Lasso), and Deadline reports that Ejiofor has now locked in a deal to co-star in the film. Who he’s playing has not yet been revealed, but unless he’s in a ton of make-up as a new character, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll be getting another Baron Mordo variant. It’s doubtful, as the Sony Marvel films tend to not cross over too much in their villain-led films. The closest we got was Venom and Eddie Brock popping up in a mid-credits scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which came after Venom: Let There Be Carnage had its own Spider-Man nod at the end. As Deadline notes: “It is unknown who will be joining Hardy from previous films or whether any characters from the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters will be joining the film. Who Ejiofor will be playing is being kept under wraps.”

Venom: Let There Be Carnage writer Kelly Marcel will be taking the reins as Venom 3‘s director and writer, working from a story she co-created with Hardy.

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