Major Tire Brands Ranked Worst To Best


In 1931, Shojiro Ishibashi, a Japanese businessman, founded the Bridgestone company, now the world’s second-largest tire manufacturer. The name is derived from Ishibashi, which translates as “stone bridge.” Having started life creating rubber work shoes and motorized bicycles, Ishibashi went on to provide the great Japanese motorcycle brands with tires and never looked back.

Bridgestone has since become one of the leading pioneers of tire design and is responsible for the invention of run-flat tires and its Ecopia technology, which improves fuel efficiency while reducing carbon emissions. The Bridgestone range provides for all types of consumer vehicles, with models like the Alenza AS Ultra (SUV), Turanza QuietTrack (grand touring), Dueler A/T Revo 3 (all terrain), and the Blizzak WS90 (wintery conditions).

Bridgestone tires offer exceptional value for money with tread life warranties that extend up to 80,000 miles. While the quality isn’t entirely on par with brands like Michelin and Continental, as far as bang for your buck is concerned, Bridgestone tires are hard to beat, and this is reflected in their global sales figures, which are close to Michelin’s.

The company operates on a strict set of philosophies gleaned from Japanese tradition. These principles provide a solid foundation upon which Bridgestone continues to balance a high-quality product with affordability. Bridgestone also prides itself on creative pioneering, integrity and teamwork, and observation-based decision-making. If you are putting your on-road safety in the hands of a tire company, it’s good to know that they take their business this seriously.

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