Major Gaming Mouse Brands Ranked Worst To Best


Glorious Gaming has been around since 2014, when it was formed to bring affordable, high-performing gaming peripherals to a market dominated by a few major players. Now the company is one of those major players, thanks in no small part to its range of lightweight gaming mice introduced in 2019. The Model O is $50, has a honeycombed shell for lightness and strength, and has Virgin PTFE skates and a flexible, sleeved cable. It’s everything you want from a gaming mouse but for much, much cheaper than the bigger companies.

It came with a problem at first launch, in that some of the packaging had an issue that could damage the cord on the way to the consumer. That’s not a great look from a first release from any company, and Glorious was initially fairly silent. It then decided to replace the cable of every possibly-affected mouse by letting the owner ask for one of its Ascended cables, which takes a screwdriver, and a few minutes to install. 

Now it’s a few years after that, and the range has wireless options and 64 different gaming mice if you count color variants and sizes. It also now has a considerable investment of private equity cash, which happened late in 2022, according to Dallas Innovates. That brought a new CEO, who was previously at Danish peripheral maker SteelSeries, and they’re no longer the scrappy upstart – they’re an established player with retail partnerships.

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