Lego Shows Off 3,981-Piece ‘Batman Returns’ Batcave


Although some fans were skeptical of the casting choice, Batman Returns cemented Michael Keaton as the definitive caped crusader for an entire generation, and over 30 years after the film’s debut, Lego is paying tribute to Tim Burton’s Batsequel with a new transforming Batcave playset.

Batfans will know that this isn’t Lego’s first take on the Batcave—far from it. Lego has revisited the broody locale time and time again, including back in 2016, with a 2,500-piece recreation of the Batcave from the campy ‘60s-era Batman TV series. But this year, Lego has gone above and beyond the call of Batduty with a recreation of the Batman Returns Batcave that’s packed full of features including secret vaults, light bricks, new minifigures, plus the Batmobile, and it all folds away into a shadowbox with a cutout of the Batman emblem allowing you to peek inside. Check out everything it has to offer.

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