Legendary Singer Tina Turner’s Little-Known Role As The Face Of Plymouth


Each of the advertisements merely featured Tina Turner standing in or around a Plymouth car and a few sentences about its features. All of the ads were punctuated by Turner saying, “That’s right, Plymouth.” Given Turner’s stardom, realistically, that’s all Plymouth likely needed for the ads. 


On the automotive side, Plymouth was Chrysler’s budget brand and the cars it offered weren’t exactly groundbreaking or spectacular in any way. The new car smell of the minivan, which the brand practically invented, had long worn off. The brand itself became defunct in 2001 with the Neon being its last car, right as the Plymouth Prowler famously flopped. Advertisers at the time likely thought that Tina Turner could breathe some life into the brand’s lineup and sales numbers.

Unlike cars like the Plymouth Acclaim, Tina Turner will be remembered fondly by music fans for decades to come and her impact on the world of music is incalculable.

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