Latest LEGO Icons Set Is A Light Up Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet


The LEGO Icons PAC-MAN arcade set will feature a battery-powered light-up coin slot to give it a pop of authenticity. You’ll also get a nostalgic jolt from the bright red joystick planted front and center, and plenty of stickers to add the various logos and buttons

In addition to the main cabinet, the set includes pieces to build a miniature vignette version of a full floor cabinet with a LEGO girl ready to play it. You can also adorn the top with bricky recreations of PAC-MAN, Blinky (red ghost), and Clyde (blue ghost).

You’ll probably want to set aside a full day (and then some) to build it. LEGO forewarns a complicated build with an age recommendation of 18+.

If you’re a LEGO VIP member, you’ll be first in line to purchase yours at the LEGO store starting June 1 for $269.99. It’s also available in Europe (€269.99) and the U.K. (€229.99). General availability begins June 4.

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