Is The Prius Prime’s Solar Roof Worth The Extra Cost?


The 2023 Toyota Prius Prime is available in three trim models: SE ($33,445), XSE ($36,695), and XSE Premium ($40,265). An optional feature for the range-topping Prius Prime XSE Premium is Toyota’s solar roof option: a $610 upgrade that replaces the standard glass roof with solar panels that could trickle-charge the batteries. Toyota adds that the solar roof could power the air-conditioning and other electrical accessories while driving. Moreover, you could get the solar roof as part of a costlier package that adds heated rear seats and a digital rearview mirror.

However, is the solar roof worth the extra cash? It depends on many factors, like where you live, weather conditions, or if you have an open or covered garage, etc. Anything that adds range and efficiency to a plug-in hybrid car is a win-win, but don’t expect the solar roof to redefine your expectations.

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