Is Tesla’s New Wireless Charging Platform Worth The $300 Price Tag?


If there’s one area where the Tesla charging platform’s price is potentially justified, it’s got to be the styling, which is modeled after the company’s long-awaited dystopian Cybertruck. The charging pad itself is a sturdy block of aluminum that measures 8.6 by 5.1 inches or about the same dimensions as a letter-sized sheet of paper that’s been folded in half.

The charging surface is covered with Alcantara suede fabric which serves the dual purpose of protecting your devices from scratches while also preventing them from sliding around. The charging pad can be used with or without a magnetic stand that props it up at an angle. The entire affair is angular and durable looking, indeed like the Cybertruck. Even the USB-C wall plug has a multifaceted, chiseled appearance, and any excess from its 60-inch cord can be discreetly stowed inside the bottom of the stand. 

All that considered, the Wireless Charging Platform is almost certainly still overpriced by some margin — especially since it can’t charge Apple Watches or any other smartwatch — but the same argument could be made for the brand’s electric cars. Clearly, there is an audience for both who appreciates and is willing to ante up for the minimalist Tesla aesthetic and a certain air of exclusivity. To wit, the device is currently sold out on Tesla’s website and is reselling for $500 or more on sites such as eBay.

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