Is Pedro Pascal Always in The Mandalorian Suit? Not At All


Pedro Pascal has shown that handsome mug three times on his hit Star Wars show The Mandalorian. Once, briefly, in season one; twice, more extensively, in season two; and then not at all in season three. That certainly makes fans wonder how often the actor is actually wearing the suit and helmet. The answer seems to be “less than you think.”

Speaking in a star-studded roundtable with the Hollywood Reporter, Pascal talks about how over the course of the three seasons, he’s been in the suit less and less. “There was an extended amount of experimentation, being in the suit for a lot of it, and frankly, my body wasn’t up for the task as far as, like, the four months of it. But I was in it,” Pascal said. “I was in it a significant amount, an elastic amount (he pretends to tug at his neck, where the suit would chafe). But now we’ve figured it out, which is super cool, and amazingly, it gave me the opportunity to be able to go and do something else.”

Though Pascal doesn’t say “I’m not in the suit at all anymore,” the implications of “it” in the phrases “but now we’ve figured it out” and “it gave me the opportunity to be able to go and do something else” sure sounds like that’s the case. Also, when asked if the performance is voiceover, he says “For a lot of it, yeah.”

Pascal goes on to praise the actors who are in the suit and though he doesn’t name them specifically, the third season of The Mandalorian did finally make it a point to give those performers—Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder—a full credit, which is another clue to the fact Pascal’s not in there as much as many might think.

You can read more of Pascal’s musings about not just The Mandalorian, but The Last of Us, in this excellent Hollywood Reporter roundtable.

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