How To Set Up Your Chromecast With Google TV (2023)


If you’re already an avid user of Android and other software like Google Chrome and YouTube, using Chromecast with Google TV is a no-brainer. You can expect seamless integration and casting across all your devices, similar to Apple TV with iPhone and Mac. This level of compatibility allows you to watch and enjoy all your favorite content without constantly needing to replace HDMI cables.

Plus, with the integration of Google Assistant, users can also enjoy the convenience of voice commands, enhancing the overall user experience and making navigation a breeze.

Chromecast with Google TV currently comes in 4K and 1080p HDR. The 4K model costs $49.99, and the 1080p HDR version costs $29.99. Given the similarity in price, it can feel tempting to side with the more costly option. However, you should be sure you have subscriptions to 4K streaming content. Without it, your device will not offer any added benefits unless your streaming subscription is capable of outputting at 4K.

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