How To Listen To Spotify’s AI DJ On Your Computer


DJ combines three technologies to give you a personalized playlist and human-sounding commentary: The process begins with Spotify’s personalization technology — the platform already collects a lot of data about your listening habits, with which it suggests music, makes mixes, and generates your Wrapped information. This function is carried over to DJ as well.

This information is then fed into a generative AI which writes the words said by Spotify’s AI DJ. It is supported by the company’s music editors, who have fed in trivia about the songs, artists, and genres you hear. 

The script is then brought to life with a dynamic AI voice. This technology, developed by Sonantic, which Spotify acquired in 2022, turns the generated scripts into realistically-spoken words. The voice itself is modeled on that of Xavier “X” Jernigan, Spotify’s Head of Cultural Partnerships. Using this combination, DJ creates playlists that mix the latest music with your personal listening preferences and your listening history and presents it with a friendly and informative voice.

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