How To Add A Fundraiser To An Instagram Reel


A myriad of non-profit organizations have been vetted and approved by Meta — Instagram’s parent company — to use its in-house tools and payment services to initiate fundraisers. Those who support these non-profits can personally raise money through Instagram on the group’s behalf, provided that the organization they are choosing to support is based in a country or region that’s allowed to utilize Instagram’s fundraising tools. Meta will cover all processing fees for any donations the non-profits receive through your fundraising pursuits.

Any fundraiser you create to support your chosen cause will be active through your Instagram profile for 30 days, during which you should have the ability to share it through all types of Instagram posts, including Reels. Instagram users were previously allowed to raise money for a personal cause, like themselves or acquaintances in financial need. However, to date, that feature is no longer available. You can only solicit donations for verified non-profit groups of your choosing.

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