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Evil Dead Risewriter-director Lee Cronin’s continuation of Sam Raimi’s cult-beloved Evil Dead series—managed to win over audiences and critics despite its lack of Bruce Campbell antics. If you haven’t yet made it to the theater, good news: you can now scare yourself silly on-demand by streaming it on Vudu.

It’ll cost you a bit to couch-potato this one ($24.99), but you can choose SD, HD, or UHD depending on how much gory detail you want pouring into your eyeballs. To entice you, the streamer has released an “extended preview” of Evil Dead Rise that is actually its first 10 minutes—encompassing the really unsettling flash-forward that opens the movie, as well as a brief introduction to the main characters: a family forced to battle the Deadites that spring to life in their ramshackle Los Angeles apartment building.

Evil Dead Rise Extended Preview (2023) | Vudu

“The spirit and energy of the movies that came before was the key thing that I wanted to maintain,” Cronin told io9 when Evil Dead Rise hit theaters last month. “Even if I did it in my own way, using my own approach, voice, vision, I definitely wanted to carry the energy, the kind of relentlessness of the movie. When I was writing the screenplay, the most important word to me was ‘entertainment.’ I wanted to make sure it was an entertaining movie. Despite the splatter fest, despite the level and the volume of horror that’s in it, that was really, really important. I never wanted to waste a moment. I want the audience to really be on the steam train that’s hurtling along with the characters.”

Evil Dead Rise stars Lily Sullivan, Alyssa Sutherland, Morgan Davies, Gabrielle Echols, Nell Fisher, and a truly horrific new type of Deadite you’ll have to make it to act three to witness for yourself. The movie’s still in theaters, but you can also stream it in close proximity to all your kitchen gadgets (CHEESE GRATER) on Vudu.

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