Features That Will Change The Way You Use Your Car


Remote start is nothing novel, and can actually be retrofitted to older vehicles for a few hundred dollars. That doesn’t change the fact it’s one of the most useful features you can have on a car. Few people live in an area where the weather will be just right all day every day. For most of us, there will be vast stretches of the year where it’s way too hot or way too cold. Worse still, the car’s AC will take a while to drop cabin temperature to something tolerable — and the heater has to warm itself up first, so it will take even longer to warm the inside of the car. 

With remote start, you can give your vehicle a head start by kicking up the engine from range and, in turn, allowing it to get the heater or AC going. Remote start functions usually have a good amount of range on them, so you can start the car by pointing your fob out of the window a few minutes before you leave. Then, when you eventually get to your vehicle, its internal temperature is just the way you like it. For safety and security reasons, remote-started cars won’t drive if someone breaks into them, they have to be started properly once the door opens. So don’t worry about someone making off with your Honda while it’s warming up.

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