Even Space Force’s Chief Doesn’t Know What Its Mission Statement Should Be


Gen. Chance Saltzman, Chief of Space Operations, recently said that its current mission statement — created immediately after the branch was established — is both “long and cumbersome” and “falls well short of explaining the actual mission of the Space Force.

Saltzman said the mission statement doesn’t indicate why the United States has a Space Force or what its members  Guardians — actually do. Saltzman said that “organizing, training and equipping” only make up a fraction of the service’s responsibilities. It also tracks missiles, acquires space-faring and exploring equipment, monitors satellite launches and their respective trajectories, and keeps an eye out for space debris in the Earth’s orbit.  

Saltzman is hoping to crowd-source something better. This is exactly the same process the used when choosing the Guardian name. He believes a successful mission statement should be “informative, memorable, inclusive, and earn buy-in” from stakeholders invested in the process. Space Force staff is already working on other options but wants to hear directly from other Guardians. Saltzman did not offer any due date or when it will announce a new mission statement.

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