Can You Watch Live TV On The Nintendo Switch?


Out of the small selection of video streaming apps available on the Nintendo Switch, there are precisely three that provide some form of live content, be it live television or livestreaming. Specifically for live TV, the app you want is Hulu. While Hulu’s main draw is its catalog of video-on-demand content, its highest subscription tier — Hulu + Live TV — gives you access to a stable of live television channels. This includes all the usual heavy hitters like CNBC, Fox, The Disney Channel, and more, as well as affiliate local news stations for your particular area.

If you’re feeling a little more flexible with your definition of live TV, you can also utilize the Twitch app on Switch. Besides the obvious ability to watch live streams from gamers, influencers, and whatnot, there are Twitch channels that run 24-hour streams of certain older shows, especially things like cartoons, among other more niche examples like political debates. It’s not exactly the ideal way to consume media, but if you just want an endless, randomly-generated stream of content to have on in the background while you’re working, Twitch can handle that. 

Nintendo Switch also has a YouTube app, though it’s only the regular YouTube service — you can’t use YouTube TV on it. Also, it does have ads, though you can get rid of them with a paid Premium subscription. Much like Twitch, there are also 24-hour livestreams on YouTube of older shows, as well as live streamers and influencers.

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