Bluetti Trade-In Program Offers A Greener Upgrade For Your Portable Power Station


The trade-in program is an opportunity to take advantage of the latest and greatest in Bluetti’s battery technology, as featured in its newest portable power stations. Models like the AC200Max, the AC300+B300, and the new AC500+B300S home backup system all promise larger batteries than Bluetti’s older models, for extended runtimes. However, newer power stations typically also rely on cutting-edge LiFePO4 battery chemistry.

Bluetti says that adds up to more charge-discharge cycles being supported, and a longer lifespan for the battery itself. A service life of 7-15 years is possible, even with 100% depth of discharge supported. LiFePO4 is also a greener technology than older battery chemistry, with no rare earth metals required. Unlike NCM lithium-ion batteries, LiFePO4 batteries are free of nickel, cobalt, and manganese.

In addition to having larger and more power-dense batteries, Bluetti’s newer power stations also typically offer more flexible ports and outlets. While the exact selection of ports varies by model, most include a mixture of high-power USB, 110V AC outlets, and support for recharging via solar panel input.

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