Blizzard Has Scrapped Overwatch 2’s PvE Mode


This next year of “Overwatch 2” content begins with a Season 5 update that will include a limited-time event called Questwatch. It’s teased with a “Mischief & Magic” tagline and a picturesque depiction of a fantasyland with a rich castle backdropped by an explosive volcano, the likes of which “Legend of Zelda’s” Ganon would proudly call home. No word on what that’s all about just yet, but we’ll also see the Overwatch Summer Games event return, a Creator Workshop, and a 5v5 mini-competitive season.

Season 6, which Blizzard says is the biggest in “Overwatch” history, will bring Story Missions, which we assume are those smaller PvE experiences we’re promised. We’ll also get a new hero in the support class, a hero mastery progression system, a firing range mode for practice shooting, a new Flashpoint mode, and an Overwatch Anniversary event.

Further down the line — Season 7 and beyond, says Blizzard — we’ll see a new tank hero, a new control map, reworks for characters Sombra and Roadhog, and the always festive Winter event. You can also expect new cinematic character debuts, refreshed hero mastery missions, a lore codex, a limited-time collaboration event and mode, plus more.

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