Bing Chat Is Getting A Bunch Of New Features, Including An AI Widget


Microsoft’s SwiftKey will also see some exciting updates. The keyboard’s new Compose feature will now draft text according to user-specified parameters like the subject matter, tone, format, and length. Android and iOS users will get access within the next two weeks.

Additionally, SwiftKey users will gain access to Bing’s AI-supported translation directly within the keyboard app. Android users already have the update, and iOS users will join them within the week. Speaking of language improvements, Bing has expanded its language support for voice input and enhanced the quality of non-English chats.

The Microsoft Edge browser is slated to receive two new features: Contextual Chat and Selected Text Actions. These features will allow users to ask Bing Chat questions related to the content they’re viewing and get deep context for any text in the app. The Skype app will also benefit from integrating Bing in all group chats. You can call on Bing just as you would anyone by typing “@Bing” and start asking questions.

Microsoft is just getting started. We’ll see much more in short order, as the company has committed to announcing new improvements and advancements over the next 100 days. If you make apps, you’ll want to pay close attention to Microsoft Build, the developers’ conference taking place in Seattle starting May 23. Microsoft has already confirmed Bing APIs for third-party apps, so expect the floodgates to burst open for all developers reasonably soon.

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