Believe It Or Not, Microsoft Is Giving Away A Zune MP3 Player In 2023


Microsoft is opening the giveaway to anyone who likes and retweets the announcement post. Using social media to win a device that was already obsolete by the time social media exploded is a rather ironic twist of technological history.

Although the Zune given away by Microsoft will likely stay sealed forever, if you happen to come across a Zune, don’t pitch it into the e-waste pile just yet. Contrary to what you may have expected, there is actually a thriving community that modifies antiquated Zune players with new refinements like solid-state drives and Bluetooth capability. R/Zune on Reddit is full of tutorials and pictures of people’s Zune collections. 

The iPod may have become the apple of everyone’s eye when it came to mass-market MP3 players, but the Zune is, however briefly, getting at least some of the spotlight and recognition back, both from the contest and prominent screentime in the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie. 

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