Amazon Astro Leak Claims Home Robot Will Get A Massive AI Upgrade


An alleged key element of the Burnham project, which could spawn multiple products down the road, is contextual awareness. For example, if the Astro successor’s cameras detect that a person has fallen on the floor, it would analyze the gravity of the situation and would dial 911 for emergency help if needed. But the company reportedly wants to go a step ahead and develop human-like memory and environmental intelligence in the robot. The leaked internal documents say owners will be able to ask the robot where they put the car keys and it will guide them toward it. As convenient as that sounds, it also means that the robot has been following you around when you had the key in your hand and put it at any given spot in your house.

To be able to help with finding, the robot must have a log of everything that it saw with the camera — or, to put it simply, it could essentially be an on-wheels machine with a digitally recorded memory of your entire house. For a company that already has a tainted record with Alexa recordings leaking private moments, convincing consumers to buy a robot that records everything in their house not just with a mic, but also a camera, likely won’t be a cakewalk. Amazon is also said to be eyeing “intelligence and a conversational spoken interface” for its next-gen robot. 

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