A Premium (& Fully-Customizable) Office Chair


The NeueChair is one of the most comfortable office chairs on the market, thanks to its advanced ergonomic design. The chair’s backrest adapts to the user movements, providing excellent support for the spine and preventing slouching or hunching over. The backrest can also be adjusted to different angles, which allows buyers to find the most comfortable position for their individual comfort and physical challenges. An optional headrest can be purchased (for an extra $99) and attached to the back of the chair with ease. For an especially tall person or someone who enjoys leaning all the way back, this is a recommended add-on that is sure to be worth the added investment and completes an already premium package.

The seat of the NeueChair is also incredibly comfortable, with the breathable “NeueMesh” fabric that allows for ample airflow – even during extra-long periods of uninterrupted work. NeueMesh is a proprietary (and non-abrasive) mix of polyester fiber and DuPont yarn that’s easy on the skin and has been thoroughly tested for strength and durability. The seat is designed to distribute weight evenly, which helps to reduce pressure points and keep buyers comfortable regardless of back-to-back-to-back Zoom calls. Users who prefer an especially soft seat cushion might find the NeueMesh less comfortable due to its firm construction; however, in contrast to sitting on a “normal” desk chair, the NeueChair aims to provide an updated workstation experience: cradling the user with numerous (balanced) points of support as opposed to static surfaces.

The chair’s armrests are also adjustable, and feature multiple points of articulation: they can be moved up and down, as well as in and out. This level of customization means that users can sit naturally to their unique frame and avoid developing pain or discomfort in their shoulders or necks from trying to fit into a chair that doesn’t exactly fit them – a common problem when using poorly (or cheaply) designed one-size-fits-all office chairs. The only downside, and a noticeable quirk, to the armrests: they must be raised all the way up before being able to be reset at the bottom position. It’s not a major drawback but for users who share a workspace (with a co-worker or home-office partner, etc) and need to regularly tweak settings, resetting the arm position at the highest point might result in multiple readjustments (and counting the number of clicks until finding the one just before the reset point).

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