A Key Concept Car From Hyundai’s History Has Been Painstakingly Restored


 The Pony Coupe was a tremendously important car for Hyundai and one of the main reasons the brand is a household name all over the world. Although the car never made its way to the United States, it served as Hyundai’s beachhead to start selling cars globally. The production Pony, inspired by the concept, became the first ever car produced in Korea and the success of Hyundai at the time has been credited with saving Korea from certain economic disaster in the decades after the Korean War.

Euisun Chung, the Executive Chair of Hyundai Motor Group, says: “Despite the poor industrial environment in the 1970s, my grandfather and Hyundai’s Founding Chairman Ju-young Chung poured his heart and soul into rebuilding Korea’s economy and improving the lives of its people after the devastating Korean War. He finally realized his vision of making Korea a country capable of developing its own vehicles with perfection. I express my sincere gratitude to everyone from both Italy and Korea who played a critical role in the success of Pony.”

To a lot of people, the restored Hyundai Pony Coupe is a cool realization of one of the most iconic concept cars of the 1970s. To Hyundai, it’s a memorial to everything the brand has gone through to become the giant it is today.

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