A Head-Turning Smart Helmet For Futuristic Motorcycle Safety


From the moment you get the Forcite helmet, it is clearly apparent that this is no ordinary helmet. It is packed in an elegant black box with an outer sleeve. The box itself is sleek and minimalist, but with silver screen-printed logos and identifying text, projecting a look of modern quality. Upon opening the box, you are greeted by the signatures of the builder and inspector inside one of the flaps and the Harmon/Kardon logo on another. A tray with compartments holding various branded boxes rests on top, with a section for a certificate of authenticity in the middle and all the various accessories and cables in their own pockets around it. Raising the tray by one end reveals a cloth bag with a thick soft liner encasing the helmet. As far as first impressions go, Forcite does it well.

Removing the helmet from the bag reveals a high-gloss finish in clear over carbon fiber. The inside of the helmet is thickly padded and finished with a soft material that feels a bit like a hybrid of suede and felt. Air vents are present on the top, front, and back with slides to open or close off the airflow. The padding around the neck is especially thick and supportive. The defining feature of this helmet sits right at the front below the visor, the camera. 

The fit of the helmet is snug and comfortable and the weight is much less than many other full-face helmets on the market today, which is certainly due to its carbon fiber construction. Also located on the bottom of the padding are two red strips of fabric that allow for emergency removal when pulled straight down, something that could be crucial in an emergency situation.

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